Romantic Oahu Adventure Couples Session

March 30, 2020

Oahu // Feb 2016

Tori & Mike had a whirlwind high school romance… aka 2 weeks of being “official” that ended in Mike going off to camp and not calling, leading Tori to do the only reasonable thing – get a new boyfriend! Mike was always the nice guy in high school and Tori was way more interested in the bad boys. Their 2 weeks of love faded into the distance as high school went on and eventually passed. Years later Tori was hanging out at a local bar in their hometown, Mike had since moved away but was back for a visit. When Mike’s cousin told him that Tori was at the bar he made his way over and Tori no longer saw him as the nice guy – more as the one that got away. They talked the night away and haven’t stopped since. Now married, they’re more in love than ever. Mike’s career as a pilot in the Air Force landed them in paradise: Oahu! They had their first daughter here and are super sad to have to leave soon but so glad for all the memories they’ve been able to make. They still look at each other like they’re teenagers in a new relationship, sparkling eyes and so many laughs. Capturing their emotion and their crazy beautiful backyard was one of the highlights of my vacation.