Epic New Zealand Adventure Elopement

April 4, 2020

New Zealand Elopement

This adventurous New Zealand elopement was such👏🏿 a👏🏻 dream👏🏾!! It was all about what the two of them actually wanted and really loved (I mean duh right – but it is so easy to get sucked into pressures of what your third removed cousin thinks you need to do ya know??)!

Glen was love struck from the beginning!! Tanya was his gym crush and one of his friends set them up!! On the first date Tanya ordered cake first at dinner, saying life was too short and you can’t wait!! He loved that (same!!) and they had the best date ever that turned into them talking nonstop the whole night!! They realized there was something undeniable between them!

Tanya first emailed me after I shot her friend’s wedding saying “Your work is incredible. But I have often thought about your energy, and the impression you leave on those you come in contact with. I just wanted you to know that the spirit about you is shining.” How incredibly sweet is that??? She wasn’t engaged (yetttt) but said she may just email again when the time comes.

Almost a year later, she was engaged and reached back out as she was planning a wedding in Connecticut!! But after a couple months of planning, they decided the pressure and stress of a full wedding wasn’t for them and they wanted to elope in New Zealand!! Yes please!! Getting to know Tanya through her emails was so special to me! I knew from the beginning she was going to be the most laid-back and thoughtful person, and I couldn’t wait to capture her elopement!!

I was so excited these two lovers decided to do what was right for them!! We spent their whole elopement adventuring around to different spots along the road to Glenorchy!! The mountains were incredibleee and every stop we made was gorgeous!! The wind blowing through Tanya’s long hair and the breathtaking blue skies and teal waters!! Such a dream!!

Remember how these two agreed from the beginning that life is too short and you can’t wait for dessert??
Before the ceremony they of course had to stop back at their Airbnb for cake!! And they even got Jimmy and I the yummmmiest vegan cupcakes too – so freakin thoughtful and sweet!

When we arrived at the ceremony area, the property’s pup led us down the entire trail to the ceremony spot!! Cutest thing ever! He stayed the entire ceremony too! The ceremony was in the most stunnnnning spot ever!! I was buzzzzzzing and literally in such a state of gratefulness and bliss!!

Just going to New Zealand, let alone eloping there, has always been Tanya’s dream!! Getting to capture these beautiful humans’ dream come true in the most incredible country and create stunning art together was a dream come true for me!!! It was just one big overflowingly happy love fest!! It’s so hard to explain how much I love my job and my clients!!!!

We wrapped up the most perfect day by petting alllll the animals on the property! There were 4 doggies, a horse, a pig, and a sheep!! As if it wasn’t already the most incredible day I also got to be around so many animals!!! Which makes any day better in my book, as well as Tanya’s!!

So incredibly happy for these two!!

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Boho Lace Wedding Dress: Bibiluxe

Gorgeous Florals: The Green Room Flower Company

Necklace and earrings: Moana

Engagement Ring – Heidi Gibson

Wedding Band –  Ardonn Jewelry  

Delicious Cake –  Peppermint Kitchen