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The easiest to edit pricing guide templates ever ever ever! They’re beautiful as is and you can make them super unique to your brand within minutes – MINUTES!!!!

After using Photoshop templates for years and literally DREADING it every time I had edit anything on the template (which I do alllll the time) because it’s so annoying to open PS and something always goes wrong – I always forgot to save the changes as a PS file and then would have to re do things all over, etc etc, it was a headache every time!

When I found Canva (free graphic design website) I cried tears of joy (not literally but omfg it changed my life)! Right after I created my first guide I thought to myself: every photographer needs to make use Canva for their pricing guides!! And the idea for my pricing guide template store was born!!!

I am so excited for you guys to have gorgeous guides to give to your clients to showcase allllll your goodness and even more excited that every time you want to change your pricing, change your pics, change your colors, you’ll be able to do all that within minutes and zero headache!!!

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Fine Print:

Once purchased, you will receive a PDF with instructions and a link to create your pricing guide in Canva. Canva is so easy to manipulate and no special software is needed—just a free Canva account.

Photos & written content is not included. The template will have blank photos and filler text (as seen in the second set of photos) for you to edit and add in your own photos or free you’re able to use free photos from Canva.

All sales are final for this digital download. Our sale of templates is not affiliated with Canva in any official way, Canva makes no promises regarding third-party templates, and Canva shall not be liable for anything arising from the creation (or purchase) of a third-party template.


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