Santorini, Greece Boho, Terrace Elopement

April 5, 2020

Greece Elopement

This Greece elopement made me feel like I died and went to heaven!! Lynsey and Stuart are the sweetest humans on the face of the planet!!! We clicked right away and they felt like old friends! We got to hang out and go on a little hike together before their elopement, which was so fun! These two are so adventurous!! They are from Scotland but love to travel together all over! So when they got engaged, they decided to have a destination elopement!!

Their whole elopement day was a real-life dream!! They were so laid-back! Literally the biggest issue of the day was the five irons they went through trying to find one that worked haha!! The whole day was so relaxed, and these two lovers soaked in every single second of their elopement! We spent the day adventuring around the prettiest spots on the island! But first we started in the most amazing cave house!! It was decorated with boho chic furniture and had the coolest vibes!! Perfect for these two to have the most adorable first look!! Also I can’t get over how gorgeous Lynsey’s lace dress was!!

Lynsey & Stuart also found theee most amazing planner!! Maria was so incredible and super sweet and funny!! She set up their gorgeous ceremony spot on their cave house terrace overlooking the sea!! The vintage lanterns, romantic candles, and the most amazing floral installations with bright pink blooms and greenery were a vibeeeee!! Lynsey walked up with her boho bouquet in hand and these two promised forever on the cliffs of Greece!! Their handwritten vows were so sweet!

After the ceremony, we roamed all around the city and found more unreal gorgeous spots for their bride & groom portraits!! These two were downnnnn to hike up and down the cliffside, my kinda people!! They kept each other laughing and smiling the whole time and I couldn’t have wiped the fat smile off my face if you paid me! We caught the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen in my entire life over the city before heading back to the cutest elopement dinner set-up!! Maria transformed the terrace like the queen she is! She added cozy throw pillows and a tonnn of candles and it was so romantic!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – no better way to end an elopement than a gorgeous picnic set up!! Lynsey and Stuart shared cake and champagne before ending the day with sparklers! WHAT!! A!!! DREAM!!!!! Right before we left they handed us the sweetest gift!?? As if I wasn’t already in heaven!!? these two were so thoughtful and cool and fun and adventurous and free spirited and everything good in the world. I’ll remember this dream of a day forever.

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Incredible Planner: Maria Sila, Tie the Knot Santorini

Boho Wedding Dress: Lovers Society Phoenix Gown

Amazinggg Florals: Betty Flowers Santorini

Hair: Marianna Nomikou

Makeup: Makeup with Renia