Tropical, Boho Kauai Wedding

April 5, 2020

Kauai Wedding

This Kauai wedding was an actual dreeeeeam!! You know those people you meet and within .0002 seconds you know they’re the best? These two were those people!!! They’re just the most laid-back, happy people that light up a room and are the absolute best kinda people to be around!

I knew before even ever meeting Kalee and Chris that they were gonna be great because they found me through their close friends whose wedding I shot, and those friends are some of my favorite clients ever because of how laid-back and grateful they were for every single thing and part of their day, and Kalee and Chris were the exact same! And it was so fun to get to catch up with those past clients at this amazing wedding!! I’ve realized that all my happiest couples have one thing in common: gratefulness! They’re too busy being grateful for everyyyyything to let any little thing stress them out and it’s just my freakin favorite!

Kalee and her girls started the day in the most amazing getting ready house ever!! So modern and that view?!!!! I am beyond obsessed. And of courseeee, Kalee’s had another best friend by her side while she got ready, her PUP!!! Cutie little dachshund! As if I didn’t love Kalee enough already she’s also as obsessed with her pup as I am with mine and you know how deeply I love other dog people lol!! And the fam pics of the three of them?!?! I could cry they’re so cute!!

These two lovers had the cutest first look before some epic bride & groom portraits!!! Running around with Kalee and Chris was the freakin funnnnnest because these two are down for a good a$$ time and just so open to letting loose and enjoyingggg the whole process and every little moment! They just kept each other smiling and laughing the whole day and were gidddyyy for their ceremony!!

Another piece of proof that Kalee is the actual most laid back coolest chick ever: she let her amazing florist / event designer completely design her ceremony and reception and they KILLLLED it!!! The geometric arbor with boho florals was insaneee. And I live for vibrant tropical colors with the yummy Hawaii greenery everywhere!! The whole venue had magical views of Kauai!!

Also can we take a moment to talk about Kalee’s dreamy mermaid hair and flower crown?! I die. Also all her chokers?! Everything looked soooo amazing with her romantic and stunning dress!!! I told Kalee she is my wedding look inspo!!

Another one of the top 92775 highlights of the day was the shaved ice truck they had!!! Does it get cuter? No. Does it get more delicious? Double no.

And that was just one part of their epic wedding reception!!! They had theeee most amazing tent ever with lights covering the entire thing!! So gorgeous and perfect for all the festivities!! These cuties cut their personalized cake before dancing the night away with their friends!! And a sparkler exit to top it all off!!!

I seriously couldn’t possibly have had a better time capturing this freakin incredible wedding of these crazy incredible humans and furry friends!!

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Boho Wedding Dress: Tara Lauren

Event Design, Lighting, Florals, & Boho Lounge Rentals: HiLight Installations

Hair & Makeup Artist: Mia Moriguchi

Tent: Kauai Tent

Emcee: Zavier Cummings

Bartenders: Kauai Party Bar

DJ: Kaimana Kuahiwinui

Ceremony Musician: Kala’e Parish

Shave Ice: Wailua Shave Icen actual