Intimate, Cliffside Kauai Elopement

April 5, 2020

Kauai Elopement

This cliffside Kauai elopement took my breath away!! This cute Australian couple flew across the world and flew me from California to meet them at the most perfect spot ever to elope!! I knew from Bridget’s first email when she said “I’m picturing saying our vows by the lip of the canyon, on a cliff by the sea or under a beautiful sprawling tree” that we were going to make magic together!! And we absolutely did! This breathtaking Kauai elopement is straight out of a fairytale!

We climbed up this gorgeous Hawaii cliff and their first look was the absolute sweetest!! The bride wore her hair down in loose waves, and the wind swept through it as she walked towards her groom! They seriously couldn’t stop smiling and it was so magical!! I love the way Bridget looks up at James with love pouring out of her face!! You can tell they mean the world to each other!

These two lovers exchanged their personal vows with a breathtaking view of Kauai! No guests, no officiant, just the two of them promising forever!! This is what elopements are all about! After they exchanged vows and rings, we climbed all around the cliffside for some incredible & adventurous bride & groom portraits! The sun set over the mountains and made everything glow so beautifully! The stunning couple looked out over the canyon and caught their first sunset as husband and wife!! We found a gorgeous bamboo forest tucked away and explored the lush greenery of Kauai before adventuring more throughout the cliffsides! I love the endless greenery and the red cliffs of Hawaii!

Elopements like this are so incredible and I am forever in awe of the magic of Hawaii!! It’s a huge reason why I consider it my second home!! You can view another breathtaking Hawaii elopement here!!

Wedding Dress by: Grace Loves Lace

Florals by: Kealoha Flowers Kauai

Bride’s Hair & Makeup by: Lulu Lush

Rings by: Heirloom Jewellers