Backyard Winter California Wedding

March 31, 2020

This backyard California wedding was a boho dream come true!! From the cutest first look to a floral ceremony arch and aisle doors, everything was out of this world perfect!!

You know those people who are “just friends” but everyyyyyone knows they’re into each other and would be perfect together? That was these two for the first couple years in high school. They were best friends and didn’t want to ruin it! But we all know how these stories end – you can only run from love for so long! These two started dating their junior year in high school and now 5 years later they’re still best friends…. and also married!!!

I knew these two were dream clients from the first email they sent me! They not only gushed over my work and made my day, but they were also looking for exactly what I offer: a photographer who directs in a way to get real emotion & capture the spirit of who they are together!

The mix between these sweet giggly lovers + their laid-back garden wedding style was a dream!! These two were positive and beyond gracious the entire day – even when those gorg shoes were killing her feet and when they were starving! Their reception had the dreamiest string lights and boho California vibes that I am obsessssed with! They also gave me the sweetest thank you gift ever?!? The night ended with a perfect sparkler exit!!

I couldn’t waaaait to share these amazing images with Hannah and Jake! I just knew I’d be happy if they loved these half as much I as do!!

If you loveee garden weddings, you’ll wanna check this one out here!!

Florist: Huckleberry Blooms

Wedding Dress: Blush by Hayley Paige from Janene’s Bridal Boutique