Dreamy, Sunrise Yosemite Elopement

April 3, 2020

Dreamy Yosemite Elopement

These two lovers met at sunrise for their dreamy Yosemite Elopement!! They had a romantic first look in the meadow and I loved seeing the groom’s sweet reaction to seeing his bride!! They promised forever with Half Dome as their witness and exchanged the most emotional and magical personalized vows!! Angie looks at Brian with love just pouring out of her face, and I can’t get over how these two make each other laugh!!

Angie always had a strict “don’t date coworkers” rule, but when she saw Brian on her first day at her new job, she knew she was in trouble!! I’m so freakin happy she broke her own rule because it’s obvious these two were made for each other!! They have the cutest baby together and I loved hearing their love story – from coworkers to parents and now elopers!!

After their emotional ceremony, we caught the gorgeous sunlight in the meadow for some stunning bride & groom portraits before heading to the sequoias!!! I’m dying over Angie’s long veil and her Theia two piece wedding gown!! How perfect are the lace sleeves on her crop top and her flowing skirt?? So stunning with her boho bridal bouquet!! And Brian’s tailored navy suit was so perfect!!

Seeing these two walk hand in hand through the fields of Yosemite was everything I could have wanted!!! Plus we hiked through the redwood groves for more portraits (with my pups by our side!! of course lol) and it was a dream come true!! The way the sunlight comes through the trees is so breathtaking!! Seriously such a magical and romantic setting!!

I just love my job and these two so so much!!

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Lace Wedding Dress: Theia

Boho Florals: D and D Floral Design