Horseshoe Bend Desert Elopement

March 30, 2020

Horseshoe Bend Elopement

From the moment I received an email saying: “we want to do an intimate elopement in some amazing location, and your photos look like you’re just the person to capture those special moments.” I knew I had hit the jackpot and found another dream client to make magic with – but I don’t think I was ready for just how magical it would be!!!  Jimmy and I scoped out Horseshoe Bend the day before and we. were. in. awe. We’d seen so many pictures but you have no idea how big it is until you’re there in person – which I think is fun because you have to be there to really experience the majesty of it! The I got to meet Amber in her hotel room and help her lace up her gorgeous dress – she actually made the skirt herself after realizing she wanted a flowier style!! How amazing?! From their we witnessed Zach being stunned at their first look, them swapping the most heartfelt vows ever, several cute lizards, Amber convincing Zach to get suppppper close to the edge of the cliff, laughter, spinning, dress flowing and the most gorgeous sunset that we basked in the entire night. My mouth still drops to the ground looking at these. I am IN LOVE with my job but I love my clients even more. These memories will last a life time – thanks for bringing us along!!!