California Coast Adventure Engagements

March 30, 2020

Adventure Engagement Session

I am just in aweeeeeee of this world and my job and mostly my clients!!! It was so fun getting to road trip with these two & get to know them and swap stories!! By far my fav story was hearing about how after a camping trip got rained out & Alexa and Aaron had to come home Alexa got the idea to road trip from Seattle to Francisco…. and they had to be back at work in 3 days…. so she drove the entire way there because she was scared if she left Aaron drive he’d turn around (LOL) then they got to SF and spent 6hrs running around the city seeing everything they could (running off zero sleep) then they drove right back home, taking turns driving! As a firm believer in 10hrs of sleep a night I was freaking out over how they survived this trip but loveeee how spontaneous and adventurous these two are!!! So happy they took me along on this adventure!!!