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Workshop by Olivia Markle + Tessa Tadlock!

Yellow is backkkkk!!! After the most fun & inspiring first workshop we reallllly realized how much we love teaching & are so excited to be hosting another weekend spilling all our secrets and creating a little family!! As we were trying to figure out a name for our workshop, we really wanted it to be something that fits both of our work, but also what we represent as people. We knew we wanted it to be something happy, joyful, and positive (because those words sum up what we + our work represent), but we also wanted it to evoke some sort of feeling. “Yellow” came about because, to us, it’s the happiest, warmest, most inviting color, all of which we want our workshop to embody! Plus it’s the color of friendship and we’re fully planning on becoming bff’s with everyone!! Happiness, joy, warmth, sunshine, friendship and all the yummy stuff that comes with the color yellow are all things we hope to bring to our workshop, and to YOU. We want you all to find your joy in photography, and find your yellow in life!

M E E T  O L I V I A :

I’m an outgoing, crazy happy weirdo that loves adventure just as much as I love laying in bed and watching Netflix! I’m obsessed with mom jeans, chocolate chip cookies, puppies, my cute husband, the beach (which is so convenient that I just moved to SoCal!), and dance parties!! (which we are def going to have at the workshop!) I loveeee meeting new people and truly believe that every day can be the happiest if you let it!! Can’t wait to get to know all of you and have the best time everrrr!!

M E E T  T E S S A :

I come with a lot of happy energy & a little sarcasm! My love languages are quality time & puppies!!! I’m obsessed with everything outdoors and recently moved to CA so I could get outside every single day!! My happiness is hiking, the ocean, traveling, shooting dreamy clients & most of all being with my pups!!! Currently I'm obsessed with the podcast criminal & the show black mirror! One of the 3947865 reasons I’m obsessed with Olivia is because we're both believers in choosing to make every day the happiest - why shouldn’t it be?!



W H A T  W E ’R E  T E A C H I N G:

Our Step-By-Step Process

  • We are each going to go over our whole photography journey from start to finish, which will include: step by step transformation of our prices (yes we will be sharing with you our past and current pricing!), editing, contracts, and so much more!

  • We want to share with you all of the things that helped our businesses grow, but also all of our mistakes we made along the way, to help you avoid doing the same!

Pricing + Valuing Yourself

  • How to start out pricing yourself + when to raise prices

  • How we went from questioning our worth & value to being confident!

  • Real, applicable tips & tricks about how to value yourself & in turn get clients that do as well!


  • Helping you find YOUR specific brand, and how to attract the dream weddings and dream clients that are perfect for YOU!


  • How we went from our first $500 wedding to booking dream weddings charging $5k+

  • Tangible ways to get more inquiries hittin’ your inbox from your dream clients!


  • Exactly how we edit from start to finish!! We’ll be going over multiple images from multiple sessions so you see us edit in different lighting situations!

Goal Setting

  • How to focus on yourrrr version of success, not get burnt out & create not only a successful business but a happy life

Shooting (of course!!)

  • You will of course get to watch us shoot + shoot with us! We're sharing our exact camera settings, how we direct couples to get true emotion from them, and anything else you might want to learn! Everyone will get to have time directing all the couples!

WHO: Girl Boss Babes!
WHERE: Los Padres National Forest, Ca. It's 2hrs from both LA & Santa Barbara! We got a cute little (actually huge) cabin in the forrest! You will share a room with between 1 - 5 other girls! There are 2 sets of bunkbeds, 5 other beds & 6 air mattresses! We're giving a $50 discount for anyone whose cool with an air mattress! Pics below show the air bnb & a little of what the surrounding area looks like! We're so excited to have a spot thats crazy pretty but not super popular! 
WHEN: May 25th- 28th. We will meet up the night of the 25th, and then everyone will leave the morning of the 28th!
W H A T’ S   I N C L U D E D
- Lodging for the extent of the workshop
- All the yummy meals!
- 3 amazing shoots! 2 styled engagement sessions, and one styled elopement!
-  10000% transparency from both of us!!!
- We only have 15 spots available, to make it as intimate as possible! We want to get to know each of you as much as we can!
**Disclaimer: we don’t know every answer to every question & sometimes we fake it & run around with our heads chopped off, but we wanna share everything that has (and hasn’t) worked for us!
50% due to reserve your spot & 50% due 1 month before the workshop! Non-refundable, but can be transferred to another attendee.
S I G N  U P

Are you in?! Tell us about you, what you want to learn, where you’re currently at in your business, and why you’d like to come!

Sign up by emailing us with “YELLOW” as the subject line to BOTH
Email us your answers to all of those questions and you’re all set!
Can’t waittt to see you there!