The Big Island!

The Big Island!!

Jimmy and I had been planning to go on a huge 2ish month trip around the world starting in November but when the sweetest bride messaged me and wanted me to capture her destination wedding in Kona I couldn’t say no!! Not only did I say yes I also got Jimmy to help me to convince our besties to meet us there!!!

I knew I loved Hawaii because last February I went to Oahu & Kauai and that’s when I decided that Hawaii was without question my favorite state. P.s I may or may not be known for falling crazy in love with everything and everywhere so don’t expect to never hear me call something or some place my absolute 100000% un matched very favorite again aiiiight?

So even though I was crazyyyy in love with Oahu I was excited to see a different Island!

The day before we got to Hawaii I had back to back weddings in Santa Barbara and the day after I was going to shot in Kona I was leaving for our huge trip sooooo the first couple days in Kona ended up being editing / work days. Luckily our air bnb had a bomb salt water pool that we would take breaks in, holla.

---- SO! here are just a few highlights + tips from our time in Kona!

If you’re in Kona start out your day (everyday if your wallet allows) with an acai bowl from!! They’re freakin delish + huge + there’s a really pretty view of the ocean! Plus plus plussss we saw a puppy here!! Basically my dream come true.

Stay in an air bnb! They are 3955793 times cheaper than hotels in Hawaii + being able to use a full kitchen is so nice and helps save money cause Kona aint cheap friends! If you've never used air bnb you can use this link to get $35 off your first stay! We stayed in one that was right across the street from the best beach in Kona (Magic Sands) was super cute with cheesy Hawaii decorations, 2 bed 2 bath, and had an awesome porch with a view of the ocean and it comes with cute little geckos free of charge!!! Lol but for real there are wild ones running around - yes we named them. Watch out tho there are also centipedes everywhere. Barf. Anyways - Split 4 ways our place was around $35 each a night! Crazy crazy. Tip #3 - Travel with as many friends as possible haha.

Best boogie beach - Hapuna Beach!
It was perfection for Boogie boarding! The waves were right in between deathly and non existent. Sometimes big ones wouldn’t come for awhile and we’d have to wait and other times we’d get smashed hard by a wave we weren’t ready for lol I love the ocean. Also fun fact: My eyes BURN like crazy in the ocean - and it’s way worse in Hawaii. It’s so bad that I literally wear goggles in the ocean. I’m embarrassing. But I have fun!

Green sand beach!
We knew getting here required a hike and we we’re totally fine with it! Then we got here and it was 120 degrees. Ok it wasn’t. It might have been in the 90’s, which to me fully feels like 120. Then we saw that locals were giving people rides in their jeeps & trucks for around $15 each….. We were sold. After what seemed like an hour but was probably 25ish minutes of off roading with massive bumps and hills we made it!!!!!! So mine and Hannah’s first thought was they use the term “green” very loosely haha, it kinda seemed more like a light brownish, BUT luckily the cove area was super cool and the waves were amazing - they looked huge and scary and then they would break so gently!! It was so fun to swim in!!

Black Sand Beach!
By the time we got here it was getting pretty late and cooling off so we didn’t get in the water but seeing the black sand was cool! It was also really pretty around here!

Dolphin & Snorkeling boat tour!!
Everyone's favorite part of the trip!! We went through and all of their staff is amazing which made the whole experience awesome. We started out snorkeling which is seriously my happy place!!! Full disclosure the first time I went snorkeling I literally couldn’t get my $hit together I would freak out every 3 seconds and Jimmy would intentionally make me laugh and it was not workin for me. Not sure what exactly happened but the next time I went it was super easy for me! So luckily I was already confident this time! Nothing makes me feel so connected to the world - yet disconnected at the same time! It’s the coolest. Then we got lunch - YAY for veggie burgers being an option!! Thennnnnn we SAW DOLPHINS!!! They were jumping and chasing each other and it was like a movie. Who knew it was illegal to swim with wild dolphins?! Sad. But seeing them was still magical.

Wikoloa Beach Resort!
My crazy amazing & sweet clients booked us a condo here!! I never really thought of myself as a resort person - more of a camping, backpacking, adventure > glamor type a chick…. Then I stayed here and changed my mind about every single thing. Lol. But for real this resort was the nicest place I’ve ever seen with the craziest pool ever. One of our best memories was coming to the pool after hours and pretending Hannah and I were Mary Kate & Ashley in their movie
Fun in the Sun (my dream life as a kid).

Nicki & Patrick’s Wedding!!!! I will never be able to fully express how grateful I am for clients who value, appreciate, uplift, and cherish me and what I offer! Nicki was all of that and more. And she picked my favorite state to have her wedding in and loved my work enough to bring me along! Here are just a fewwww of my 29574 fav moments from her wedding (HI TURTLE!!) You can see more here: Nicki & Patrick's Big Island Wedding!