"I had such a great experience getting my boudoir photos done with Tessa. I had never done any boudoir photography before and was a little nervous but Tessa made me feel so comfortable. She put on some fun music and was making me laugh the whole time. She is very knowledgable about poses and has tons of ideas to give for the shoot as well as incorporating any ideas you may have. It was a very fun and private setting. I would hire her again in a heartbeat and will definitely be going to her for any future photography needs." - Mada

 Boudoir Client Raves

"So no joke. I totally showed up to this boudoir shoot swimming in my hubby's + of course, rockin' a mum bun (tessa can vouch). I mean, ladies, you get me. Yoga pants, a clean{wish} shirt, zero makeup, smell a little like spit up...... sound 'bout right? Mom life. As glamorous + incredible + crazy as that life may be it doesn't define us. We're also women, we're strong, we're beautiful. Now don't get me wrong, I am not for one second minimizing the privilege of being a mother. It truly is such a blessing. I'm just saying, it's ok to be more than mom || I needed this. This shoot was originally a Valentine's Day gift for the hubby, but once I got there + we got knee deep in hair and map, I realized this was for me, too. Yes I'm a 34 year old mom, a loving wife, but I'm also me. It's certainly not something I've forgotten or needed reminding of but I do think it's important for us women , every now + again, to do something for ourselves that makes us feel "me" again. Makes us feel a little more confident in who we are. Makes us feel beautiful! Strong + empowered@ More than enough! More than "mom" : ) ||

Tessa I cannot BELIEVE how all the pics turned out! You are beyond freakishly talented + I definitely can't wait to give these to my hubby! He's going to flip!

You seriously brought back a little piece of me thats been missing for a long time, so thank you <3 " - Renee Maynard 


"I felt very comfortable the whole time and I felt like Tessa was aware of what made me feel my best to get the best photos" - Hali

Tessa took my boudoir photos and they turned out amazing! I went in feeling a little self conscious and left feeling like a million dollars. Thanks so much Tessa! - Haley