Who I'm for:

I'm the photographer for the bride who craves adventure. Who strays away from traditional, and runs towards unconventional, who would pick relaxed over perfection every time. Who has a boho glam style that she makes feel like her own, who plans to wed in front of a waterfall, in the mountains, or on top of a building in the middle of the city. And most of all I am the wedding photographer for the couples who love fiercely. Being involved in so many beautiful and unique love stories fuels me. Capturing authentic emotional moments is one of the very best parts of being behind the lens on a wedding day and I am also all about creating natural moments and making my clients feel comfortable and have fun together - I love laughter, movement & romance. Outdoorsy weddings with charm & flower crowns are what excite me most. But what is most important to me is the relationships I build with my clients, I'm full of sarcasm and energy, I'm adverterous & I love connecting with people.