Online Workshop!


Online Workshop!



What’s included: 

  • A 1.5hr long video of me shooting a real elopement from beginning to end in Yosemite! I’ll be breaking down my settings, how I posed my self proclaimed “most awkward couple ever”, how I scouted the location, how I worked with the light, showing you what the end result photos from my posing look like, and exactly how to do my intense spazzy arm movements LOL + more!!

  • SIX videos breaking down how to book & create the most amazing elopements!! Videos will be on:

    • Marketing: how to book your dream elopements!!! Exactly what I’ve done to book clients from all over the world that I am in love with! + more options for marketing your face off!

    • Editing: A 1hr 40min video of me editing the photos from the elopement so you’ll see how I create my final product! I’ll also show you my Lightroom tips and tricks that have saved my lifeeeee & what adjustments I make most often! Plus I’ll edit using multiple presets to show you how to achieve a variety of different looks!

    • Pricing: Teaching you my method on how to price yourself so you not only get by but thriveeeee!! + how to price for travel costs!

    • Posing/ My approach + experience: Diving into what kind of approach I take while shooting an elopement & the experience I offer my clients! Then teaching you how to figure out and nail whatever approach and experience YOU want to give your clients!!

    • Gear: All about what’s in my bag and why!

    • Goal Setting: Together we about to batttttle self doubt, the comparison game and burning out!! Start creating your dream life and watch how everyone else around you flourishes as well!!

  • THREE live Q&A’s answering all your questions on all these topics!! I loveee getting to hear from you guys directly and answer any specific questions you have!! You’ll be able to watch these on replay as well!

  • This online workshop will be held in a private FB group. After it’s over you’ll be left with an ongoing community of like minded creatives to support you, teach you, and most importantly love the crap outta you!!

  • This group will also be a place to give and get referrals!! Lezgoooo!!!

Dirty Deats:

  • Once the FB group is live, all of the videos will be available for you to watch anytime from January 7th - February 28th, 2019! The videos will be taken down after the 28th but the group will be left up for community & referrals!!

  • The 3 live Q&A’s will be spread out between the two months! Each Q&A will be dedicated to 2 of the 6 main topics I covered. I’ll have “Question” posts in the FB group set up, so any questions you have you will put there and I’ll answer them for you in my live!!

  • The best part about this being an FB group is the community you can build!!! I want everyone to get to know each other, start supporting each other, and become an amazing referral base!! The group will remain open after February 28th!


  • The fb group + all the videos will go live Jan 7th!!!! Last day to sign up is Jan 7th!


  • For the photographer that wants to book adventure elopements in locations that make them feel alive, who want to refine their experience so much so that their clients leave feeling like they were just in a dream, who want to receive over the moon freaking the f out reviews every single time, who wanna know how I edit and use Lightroom, who want a community of badass creatives alongside them, who want to start creating their dream life!!! All of my content is focused around elopements, yet the majority of it is applicable to how I shoot/ approach / market for weddings & couple sessions as well!


  • $700! With 100% belief that if you do the work and apply what I’m teaching you’ll make wayyyy more than that back!! All orders are final!

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