I might be for you if you're looking for a photographer whose priority is capturing emotions and creating imagery that makes you feeeeel something and if you saw my work and something clicked - you knew we could create magic together! My clients are the laid back ones who stay positive no matter what goes wrong, who say yes to hiking to an overlook even if it means climbing in a dress, and who want to have fun throughout the entire experience, not just the end result. If we end up being a fit I will pour my soul into capturing your day & creating with you!! There's also a super good chance we'll become friends and I mayyyy introduce you to my new puppy!
If this is you & you have a modern boho, outdoorsy style than I can't freakin wait to hear from you!
If you think we'd make a perfect fit gimme as much info possible & I'll send you over my full info & pricing guides!! LETS ADVENTURE.
** If you haven't heard back from me in 3 business days somethings up - pretty please email me directly!!
Tessa Tadlock's Pricing:
Wedding collections:
start at $5000
Elopements: start at $1800
tessa.tadlock@gmail.com (Please only use if you haven't heard back from me in 3 business days via my contact form)
Email hours: Mon - Fri


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