I created this course after seeing nearly every photographer I follow talk about how they feel burnt out, but more than anything this workshop was born from my personal journey! I am SO passionate about working towards balance not only in my own life but also helping my photographer friends live their best lives as well!! 

I have 1000% felt the pressure to keep up with other photographers (whatever that means?!) & to keep up with an idea I’ve created about what it means to be a successful photographer. I’ve learned about hustling, marketing & growing my business and I love love love all of those things!!! But I’m also super excited to teach a different side of things, about how to create more balance & a dream life that your job is a PART of! 

WHO Balance is for:
The burnt out photographer!!! If you’re feeling overworked, stressed, drained, uninspired, wondering why you left you 9-5 job just to end up working 24/7 than THIS IS FOR YOU!!! 

  • I created this specifically for photographers but the majority of it is applicable to any entrepreneur!

WHAT’s included:

  • 50 min video covering 8 main lessons with lots of additional topics covered:

    • Mindset (having the right one)

    • Setting Boundaries to create your dream life

    • Raising Your Prices

    • What Should I Charge?

    • Saying no (how to actually do it)

    • Money Mindset

    • Scheduling

    • Outsourcing & Automating

  • 5 PDFs to help you figure out what your version of balance looks like

$100 through Jan 4th 2019. Regular price is $150

No refunds. All sales are final.

You may not use or distribute this product for any unauthorized purpose nor may you, in the use of the Service, violate any laws in your jurisdiction including but not limited to copyright laws. Copyright Tessa Tadlock.


“I am someone who personally really really struggles with work/life balance. It’s hard for me to stop working. But watching her workshop and doing everything that she says to do has literally changed my life!! So if you’re a photographer and you’re feeling burnt out, definitely go get it! All her advice is so amazing, life-changing, and I really believe in this so much. I feel like everyone needs this in their life.” – Olivia Markle Photography


“YOU ARE THE CUTEST TESSA. I got Balance last year and it’s been a game changer. I feel so much more confident/happy going into 2019 because of it!! Youuuu the bomb!” - Alyssa Marie Photography


“I got Balance the Online Workshop last night and already watched it. It was exactly what I needed!!! If you are a photographer and are feeling burnt out this online workshop is for you!” - Bree Rivers Photography




“I just finished and I’m feeling SO INSPIRED!! I can’t wait to apply all this knowledge to my life so I can start LIVING IT!! I’ve considered outsourcing but thought I wasn’t making enough money to do this yet. Everything was what I NEEDED to hear! Thank you so so much for sharing your knowledge at such an incredible price - it’s truly priceless. I hope I get to meet you one day to personally thank you!” - Morning Bird Photography


“Tessa is so cute I can’t even. also when I first met her I was SOOOO burnt out & she changed my mindset completely for going into the next year. my TIME & my INCOME has doubled since listening to her sage advice!!!!!” - Andie Avery Photography


“I recently took a course of Tessa Tadlock’s all about Balance and how to overcome burnout. I didn't even hesitate to purchase the course 1. because i find myself in moments of burnout and 2. I freakin love Tessa!

So Im only going to mention one out of the hundreds of awesome points in her course. Something I took to heart is ... "How you spend your days will inevitably be how you spend your life".

I don't want to spend my life being so jam packed busy that I miss out on my kids growing up, or miss out on my relationship with my husband, or miss out on having day dates with my best friends, or never got the opportunity to take that trip or read that book. Yes, I take pride in being a hard working mom and having motivation that is rare. However I don't want to be known for that at the end of my life. I want to be know for “the woman who lived out all her dreams and took time to celebrate with loved ones”.” - Samantha Josette Photography