Hi! I'm Tessa!


I love life!!!! (and exclamation points) I’m full of happy energy & sarcasm.  I’ve become obsessed with gratefulness - I think it’s a direct link to happiness! Sometimes I freak out over dumb stuff but thankfully I have my bf at my side (literally we share our office) to tell me to chill out and then I remember how much overwhelming good I have in my life! My daily goal is to be more grateful than the last and make everyday a great day cause why shouldn't it be?!

I am so lucky to be obsessed with my job and even more obsessed with my dreamy clients who value me enough to take me on their adventures and have fun with me throughout the entire process!!

My bf and I recently moved to Grover beach on the central coast of CA and I’ve never been happier or more excited about where I live! If you haven't already figured it out my bf Jimmy is a decccccent (aka best I've ever seen, annoyingly talented, low key better than me) filmmaker and it's the best thing ever ever ever to get to work together!

I’m an extra firm believer in livinggggg. For me that means making time to get outside and have fun every single day, traveling, hiking, camping, dancing (taking class or just in public to embarrass my bf), playing with my pups (my favorite people ((puppies are people)) in the world) and working with happy, easy going clients! I'm also an XL believer in compassion for humans and furry creatures alike, grace and that there's no such thing as too many succulents.

If you email me with zero exclamation points I may or may not 100% read it in a monotone voice. I've been known to squeal and silently scream during a shoot when things are going wayyyy to well. I'm a lipstick lover bc #1 its fun and makes me feel like my life is put together and #2 it helps me look a little older than how old I look which apparently is like 16 *eye roll - I'm 24. I'm in love with learning about everyone's stories - can't wait to learn about yours! xo